PASS Workspaces focuses ON bringing dynamic OFFICE solutions for small and medium size businesses customized to the Old Town market.


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PASS Workspaces is a full-service office space community based in Old Town Alexandria. PASS Workspaces, formerly known as PASSworks, offers office space as a service, so your organization has less to worry about. You can use PASS Workspaces address, a desk, a private office, or multiple spaces without the burden of a long term lease. With great amenities and strategic location in Old Town Alexandria, you can start working from the day you sign up. At PASS Workspaces, people are not tenants, instead we consider everyone who signs up a member of the community.


PASS Workspaces memberships are designed to create your business platform in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. All memberships are designed around a flat rate, so budgeting and administrative costs can be easily measured in your organization. We provide office space, virtual headquarters, international office options, and more. 

We offers office space as a service with the flexibility of an on-demand co-working space and the added value of an engaged community.

PASS Workspaces is a community where members are not just passing by...


Members are social leaders, organizations, and companies who are focused on growing and bringing their ideas into reality. At PASS Workspaces you will work alongside other innovators and impact-driven groups working to make a difference. PASS Workspaces has designed its spaces so that members can call them their own. While many on-demand co-working spaces are great for casual work, PASS Workspaces was developed for those who are ready to get to work. a location worth not passing by.

PASS Workspaces is located in the prestigious center of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. our properties are within walking distance of the Washington, DC WMATA metro system, with close access to shops, restaurants, major airports, Amtrak, and downtown Washington, D.C.


Are you an entrepreneur, social enterprise, impact organization, or leader? PASS Workspaces members come from different backgrounds which makes this community great for everyone. 


Private Membership 

From $700/month

Private Office   ·   24/7 Access   ·   8 hours of conference room    ·   Member Support

Executive Membership

From $400/month

Dedicated Desk  ·   24/7 Access   ·   4 hours of conference room    ·   Member Support

Virtual Membership

From $100/month

Business Address & Mail Collection ·  9 AM – 5 PM Member Support  ·  2 hours of conference room

Business Membership

Call us (202) 618-3502 for a quote

Customized & Personalized Workspace for Teams  ·  24/7 Workspace  ·  Access to Community Amenities